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The controller is like the brain of the system.

It sends electronic signals to the sprinklers, telling them:

  • What day
  • What time
  • How long to water

Valves control the flow of water to the sprinklers.

There are different types of valves used in different parts of the country. SAS will decide which valves to use in your system.

Valves separate your yard into zones so that the different areas can be watered for the right amount of time. Turf areas, shrub beds, fruit trees and planters all have their own unique watering requirements.

Dividing the yard into zones also decreases strain on water pressure and allows the sprinklers to perform at an optimum level.

Rotary sprinklers provide quiet, even coverage in larger, open areas.

Spray heads are used in smaller turf areas, planters and flowerbeds. They come in a variety of styles and pop-up heights.

Accessories can be connected to your controller to extend the capabilities of your sprinkler system.

Remote controls like Hunter’s SRR allow you to operate your sprinklers without having to walk back and forth to the controller.

Rain sensors prevent your sprinklers from coming on during and after it rains.

The Hunter Mini-Clik® shuts sprinklers off during a storm and keeps them off until conditions have dried out sufficiently.

SAS is the expert who understands how to tie all of your components together into an integrated automatic sprinkler system.

Our experience with plant requirements and sprinkler performance help us to set your system to water efficiently and keep your landscape thriving.


Enhance your home’s value

Attractive landscaping requires a substantial investment and careful maintenance. Your automatic sprinkler system will protect that investment by ensuring healthier, longer living turf and plants.

It will also increase your property’s appraised value and curb appeal.

Save time and effort

Once installed, your custom-designed, automatic sprinkler system will save you time and effort - week after week, year after year.

Your new sprinkler system will turn itself on and off automatically so you’ll have more free time for your favorite activities.

Help you save water

SAS will set the controller on a watering schedule that will automatically deliver the right amount of water to each area of your landscape.

We will program it to water according to your municipal watering schedule.

Each area of your landscape will also be fitted with the proper water-saving sprinklers.

In addition, a rain sensor can be added to shut off your system when the weather is wet.

Give you more peace of mind

With an automatic sprinkler system, your landscape will be watered efficiently, even when you’re away.

No more forgetting to water or turn hoses off.

No more having to worry about compliance with water restrictions.

Hunter products

Hunter Industries is a leading manufacturer of quality irrigation products.

SAS prefers using Hunter products because we know that we can rely on their excellent performance.

Hunter sprinklers continue to lead the industry in sales and features. More than 60 million have been installed worldwide.

Professional contractors worldwide prefer Hunter irrigation products. Hunter Industries is the leading manufacturer of reliable, gear-driven sprinklers for residential and commercial use.

A system composed exclusively of Hunter sprinklers, valves and controller ensures years of precise, trouble-free operation.